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BeefxDairy breeding values

NAV breeding values for AI beef bulls evaluated on their crossbred offspring from dairy cows (so called BeefxDairy or BxD breeding values) can be used by dairy farmers to select beef bulls across breed for producing crossbred calves that are easily born and have a good growth and carcass quality. Crossbred calves included in the evaluation are from purebred Holstein, Jersey and RDC cows. Up to seven BxD breeding values can be published for each bull if the publication rules are fulfilled.

4 breeding values for calving traits: Calf survival and calving ease based on cows in 1st and later lactations, respectively. All four breeding values are published if the bull has a minimum reliability of 50 for breeding value for calf survival in later lactations. Information of calf size is used as an indicator trait in the evaluation (only available from Denmark).

3 combined breeding values for carcass traits: Daily carcass gain, carcass conformation score and carcass fat score. Carcass gain is based on combining breeding values for bulls and heifers with short (<550 days) and long fattening period, respectively, with equal weights. Conformation and fat score are based on combing breeding values for bulls and heifers with equal weights. All three breeding values are published if the bull has a minimum reliability of 50 for breeding value for carcass conformation score.

BxD publication

NAV BxD breeding values were first published in December 2018 and replaces earlier national breeding values for beef bulls evaluated on dairy cows that have been available nationally in Denmark and Sweden, respectively. From 2019 and onwards BxD breeding values are published four times a year in connection to NAV evaluations for dairy (February, May, August and November). The newest results can be viewed in publication list reached by the link below.

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BxD publication list August 2019

The publication list contains all publishable breeding values and other relevant information for the AI beef bulls included in the evaluation. Currently, the publication lists is sorted based on the name of the beef bull. The main reason is that each bull has up to seven breeding values and the ranking of bulls can differ considerably depending on which trait are used for ranking. The plan is to implement both a total merit index, combining breeding values for different trait based on economic importance, and a search page for BxD breeding values in the near future.

NAV BxD breeding values are standardized to an average breeding value of 100 and a standard deviation of 10.


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