Scientific papers


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Reducing bias in the dairy cattle single-step genomic evaluation by ignoring bulls without progeny, Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics, April 2018

Interbull meeting, February 7 - 11, Auckland, New Zealand

Improved genetic evaluation of health traits using metabolic biomarkers in Nordic dairy cattle

Validation of consistency of Mendelian sampling variance, Journal of Dairy Science, March 2018


EAAP meeting, August 2017 Tallinn, Estonia

Wide-spread adoption of customized genotyping improves European cattle breeding

Validation of genomic and genetic evaluations: Nordic Red Dairy cattle 305 d production traits

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Bivariate threshold models for genetic evaluation of susceptibility to and ability to recover from mastitis in Danish Holstein cows, Journal of Dairy Science, October 2017

Association analysis of young stock survival index with imputed whole-genome sequence variants in Nordic Holstein cattle, Journal of Dairy Science, October 2017

Solving efficiently large single-step genomic best linear unbiased prediction models, Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics, June 2017


Interbull meeting, October 24-28 2016, Puerto Varas, Chile

Youngstock survival in Nordic Cattle Genetic Evaluation

Managing genetic groups in single-step genomic evaluations applied on female fertility traits in Nordic Red Dairy cattle

Genetic correlations for claw health traits between Denmark and The Netherlands

Genotype by environment interaction for the interval from calving to first insemination with regard to calving month and geographic location in Holstein cows in Denmark and Sweden, Journal of Dairy Science, July 2016

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